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A dog harness is best for your dog when you take him for a walk. It makes it easier to control and manage your dog.

The no pull dog harness is a no “pull solution” that comes to rescue, as dogs tend to pull leash, by making it a dreadful experience for dog owners.

Using a no pull dog harness will not only provide control, but is also necessary for safety of your dog as it prevents your dog from getting tangled in leash and get hurt.

Small dogs are prone to getting hurt more by pulling and tugging into the leash.

Benefits of Using No Pull Dog Harness

  • The harness provides full body coverage, reducing strain on neck and back.
  • Harness also gives rest to your arms and back as it is easier to manage your dog.
  • Training your dog also becomes easier with harness rather than the leash.
  • A harness is useful for attaching the seatbelt while you are riding in car or truck with your dog. 

There are different kinds of harness based on the individual dog’s needs. Some are simple straps, while others are wider covering the whole body and back of your dog.

It is not advisable to keep harness for a long time, as it can annoy your dog, or may irritate their skin. One should remove the harness after an outing. 

Who You Should Buy a No-Pull Dog Harness?

Every dog owner especially people with Labradors should be using a harness instead of collar.

This will prevent them from sore arms after walking; also provide comfort to them.

Harness is great for specific breeds mostly for pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terries, and Pekingese.

Dogs with respiratory problems or neck injuries benefit from harness as it prevents coughing and choking.

Training small puppies can become easier with the use of harness as they learn to behave and allows owner to have more control.

Using harness is the best option for people who have medium or large size dogs as they are difficult to control and manage.

People who go out more frequently along with their pet one also benefit through harness as it is easier to manage, prevent your dog from any accidents or distractions. 

The dog harness is also compatible with car seat belt.

If your dog gets easily distracted while walking, harness will keep your dog in control.

Dog harnesses are extremely useful for large breeds, especially if they are not leash trained.

Harness is useful when training a dog and making it more obedient it gives more control than collar, which poses a risk of choking, especially for small puppies.

Important Features to Consider before buying

Whether you are a new dog owner with a puppy which needs to be trained or an owner who needs to make dog walks better, or your dog has neck problems, and last but not the least if you have super active dog who just gets excited when you take him for a walk.

It becomes really difficult to manage and control them, especially when they are pulling, as it is both harmful and stressful for both dog and its owner.

A harness gives you better solution for such problems. But choosing the right harness for your pet is a bit difficult task.

Make sure the harness you buy for your pet has these features:

  1. For small dogs it is always better to choose a harness which distributes the leash against a dog’s chest and back. However it may not be a good option for large dogs. 
  2. Make sure that the size and thickness of the harness is correct based on your pet’s needs and size. If the harness is too tight it can be painful, at the same time if it’s too loose your dog can wiggle out of the harness.  Also, make sure that it is adjustable as your dog grows.
  3. It is important to check the material of the harness. If it is not a quality material it may cause irritation and will get deteriorated soon. 
  4. Choosing a harness with padding may give your dog comfort feel and avoids irritation or rubbing. Padded harnesses also give a stylish look. 
  5. Check how that harness attaches. Some have singe latch and some have two or none, or some harnesses come with a step. Check which is the most comfortable and best fit for your dog. 

Once you have made the decision of choosing the harness make sure that your dog is very much comfortable in it and looks trendy and stylish on your pet.

Keep an eye on your dog’s nutrition and health, as they must be safe and strong enough to continue wearing that harness and go on treks. 

If you fail to be careful and accurate in choosing a perfect harness for your pet, you will end up in unnecessary inconvenience for yourself and your dog. It is always better to go to a pet store and choose the right harness for your dog. 

Best Dog Harness to Stop Pulling Which You Can Buy Now 

  1. Heavy Duty Dog Harness ( Padded )
  2. Military Dog Harness with Vest and Leash